I am speechless – this stuff works, plain and simple. I am a 31 years old male, and I have been losing a lot of hair the past few years. It’s definitely a bummer, but I have learned to live with it, Only problem is that I am getting married in four weeks, and if I can help it, I really do not want my balding head to be forever documented in our wedding album. My fiancé mentioned that spray on hair could be an option if it was that concerned about it. So I read some reviews on this product and ended up buying it, along with the applicator and holding spray,

I am straight up speechless. I figured this stuff would get me by, but my goodness, this looks like real hair, it’s unreal must look at my pictures you wont believe it. The only thing I will. Do differently is probably buy the medium brown color, as the dark brown that I used here was slightly to dark, albeit it’s still almost. Perfect.

This probably isn’t meant to be a permanent solution to conceal hair loss, but shoot, if you wanted to, I don’t see why you couldn’t use this all the time.

I have no bad it in my hair for about 12 hours, and it hasn’t faded, fallen out, or even so much as moved. That’s probably the holding spray at work, so I highly recommended you pick up that in addition.


If you are looking for an instant hair loss concealer, this is definitely it.