Frequently Asked Questions

No, TheWonderHair Fibers in no way stimulates or inhibits natural hair growth.

Yes, TheWonderHair Fibers has received European approval, is recommended by dermatologists and doctors and is made from 100% natural ingredients. The Fibers don’t cause irritation or itchiness.

Yes, the composition of the Coverspray contains the active ingredients B3 and B5, which may stimulate hair growth. Daily use of the TheWonderHair Coverspray may reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth over time.

A 25 gram pot of Rehair Fibers will last for around 60 days of normal everyday use. Remember to style your hair first, before pouring or spraying the Fibers onto it. Use the Fibers with the Optimizer, as this will usually make a pot last longer.

A 12 gram pot of Rehair Fibers will last for around 30 days of normal everyday use. The size of the area that you are treating with the Fibers will of course also affect the speed by which a pot is finished.

TheWonderHair will last in your hair until you wash your hair again. If you don’t wash your hair every day, it may be necessary to retouch your hairstyle by pouring or spraying TheWonderHair Fibers onto it again

A bottle of TheWonderHair Coverspray lasts between 30 and 60 days on average for normal everyday use.

The TheWonderHair Coverspray distributes a fine mist that has been specially developed to allow the Rehair Fibers to bond to the thin hairs more effectively. A regular hairspray secures the hairs themselves but doesn’t allow the microfibers to bond to the hair. The Rehair Coverspray also contains active ingredients that prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth when used every day over a long period.

The Coverspray also has the same securing and glossy properties as regular hairspray

If grey and white hairs are growing through your own hair, we advise you to mix two TheWonderHair Fibers hair colours together, i.e. the grey Fibers and the Fibers in the colour that best matches your own hair colour, such as black or dark brown. Apply the white microfibers first, followed by the darker ones, which will allow the microfibers to blend naturally.

An alternative is to use the darker microfibers only and to ‘tap’ them gently onto your hair. The existing white or grey hairs will then blend with the darker microfibers of their own accord and give your hairstyle a natural appearance.

No, TheWonderHair is not tested on animals.

TheWonderHair’s microfibers are 100% colourfast and it is impossible for them to leak colour or run. You can simply wipe away the spilt fibers with your hand.

In order to create a beautiful, natural hairline with TheWonderHair, use the TheWonderHair Liner: a comb that has been specially developed to distribute TheWonderHair microfibers over a thinning head of hair in an optimum manner.

The TheWonderHair Liner can be used as follows:
– Place the TheWonderHair Liner in the hairline 
– Pour or spray the Fibers over the hair (not too many, as otherwise you will get an unnatural, thick edge along your hairline)
– Remove the comb and assess the result

The TheWonderHair Liner fills widow’s peaks in a natural manner and prevents the fibers from falling into your eyes during the application process.

Yes. If you have applied the TheWonderHair Coverspray to secure the fibers, your full head of hair will be optimally protected against wind, rain and perspiration.

Remove the Optimizer from the pot of TheWonderHair Fibers and clean it using hot, running water. Allow the Optimizer to dry before reattaching it to the pot of Fibers. Check carefully to see whether the Optimizer is properly dry!

If it then still fails to work properly, contact the supplier from whom you bought the Optimizer.

The swimming water will cause part of the applied TheWonderHair to disappear. We recommend that you retouch your hairstyle with the TheWonderHair Fibers after swimming.